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Leveling the Playing Field
Greg Garland, CBP

Greg is a Certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP), recognized by the CryptoCurrency Certification Consortium.  He is a member of the Founders Group of Crypto Entrepreneurs, a collaborative group of crypto business owners, since its inception.  He is also a contributing member of Bitcoin Consultants Worldwide.

In 2018, I heard a prominent former hedge fund manager and Wall Street executive talk about a "crypto conspiracy" where media, politicians, and the wealthy 1-percenters dissuaded people from purchasing Bitcoin by saying it was too volatile, and having no real value.   Up until then, I was primarily "trading hours for dollars" simply earning a paycheck.  I had an intense interest in investing, and I later obtained the FINRA Series 65 Investment Advisor license.  Quickly, I learned that some advisors were encouraged to represent the interests of the brokerage as much or more than the interests of an individual client (If you worked for the makers of "Car A," and you knew that "Car B" was a better car, which would you recommend to a buyer?).

While pushing this FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt), the same people that deterred others from Bitcoin were quietly accumulating as much as they could while their listeners sat on sidelines, fearful.  When I learned this, I knew I had to learn more about this and other cryptos.   Eventually, I discovered the LIBERTY of having access to the types on investment opportunities that in the past had only been available to "accredited investors."  Since the time of my involvement, I've seen the price of Bitcoin go from under $4000 to $67,000, and it is NOT FINISHED.  Many other "altcoins" have returned 10, 100, and even 1000 times return on investment.

Why do I need a Crypto Consultant?

For people 40 years old and above, we have seen phone books replaced by cell phone directories and the Yelp app.  Mailing letters gave way to emails and text messages.  Printed maps gave way to Garmin and Magellan, and that gave way to smartphone apps.   Who would have thought that we could have a video call with someone across the world in real time and at little or no cost?

It's natural to be uncertain on how to implement and utilize a new technology.  I have learned from many valuable mentors and can help be your "pathfinder," saving you time and money as you learn how to use blockchain to your best and most profitable advantage.

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