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Move $100 into cryptos (it's still early), and get $65 more.

Transfer $100 or more from an existing USD account to a new crypto account.  Follow the links on this page, and $65 worth of Bitcoin will be added to your portfolio.

How to "Revive, with $65."

(1.) Gemini:  Earn $10

Transfer $100 or more into a new Gemini account.  Buy $100 worth of Bitcoin or other listed asset and receive $10 worth of Bitcoin.

(2.) NEXO: Earn $25

Next, transfer the assets on Gemini to NEXO.  Earn $25 from NEXO  for opening a new account.

(3.) NEXO:  $30 using leverage.


NEXO offers 50% immediate credit on existing balances.  Use leverage to purchase $30 worth of additional crypto assets.

Is your money appreciating or depreciating?  

Groceries, gas, and practically everything else costs more in 2022 than it did just over a year ago.  Why?  Because 80% of the currency in the U.S. was added to the supply in the last two years!   This results in a loss of value of the printed dollar, aka Inflation.  By following the procedure outlined above,  you can gain a ROI of 65% on $100 formerly held in USD in only a few weeks.  This 65% gain is if the price of Bitcoin remains flat.   Since the inception of Bitcoin in 2008, NOBODY has held the asset for 4 consecutive years and lost money!

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